Turn your old Android smartphone into VR Controller

What do you do with your old smartphones?
Are they just stacking up somewhere in a shelf or next to the garbage bin?

It is time to give a new life to your old smartphone.
One great use of it is turning it into a gamepad controller for VR games and adventures.

More and more VR Games require a controller and the "VR Controller" app is an answer to that.
Navigating through a virtual world by moving your head and tapping a button to confirm the movement is no longer a great VR experience.

"VR Controller" Android app creates a bridge between two phones - one for VR Headset and the other one for VR Gamepad.
It uses a standard Bluetooth connection and works for all carriers. No need to root your phone - a stock phone is enough.

And it can be installed even on a three years old phone with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). So, hopefully you did not throw it away yet :)

The great thing of "VR Controller" is that is utilizes a standard gamepad keys layout so it will be compatible with a large amount of games right out of the box.
It is also optimized for "blind" use while wearing VR headset - all buttons have a larger hot spot areas with vibro feedback and the navigation pad works like a physical stick.

The setup is straight forward and the app will guide you through the setup process - step by step.

By and large, this is what setup is about:

1. Install and start VR Controller app on two phones (new and old phone).
2. Pair phones by Bluetooth.
3. Add and enable new keyboard on new phone: VR Controller Keypad.
4. Connect VR Gamepad on old phone to the keyboard you just enabled on the new phone.
5. Start a game!

Quite simple, right?! No rooting or other complex operations that void smartphone warranty. Just those 5 simple steps.

Disclaimer: some games do not have proper gamepad support.
But! If you are a game developer and would like to support VR Controller in your game then contact us for correct key mapping!

The neat part: Are you a blogger or vlogger? Contact us to receive a free license!


Contact us by email: vasosoft@gmail.com
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Setup Instruction Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsWgrYZK8jo